Shapiro Property:


2016 / August 30
Councilwoman Almond followed the recommendations of the Baltimore County Planning Board and has kept existing zoning in place for all of Hidden Waters. Zoning on this entire property remains at DR1 density (1 house per acre). Sadly, this means that it is almost certain that a PUD (Planned Unit Development) application will follow shortly.

Zoning on the Shapiro Property, CZMP Issue 2-010, remains unchanged at DR2 density (2 houses per acre) as well.

Our thanks to everyone who has supported the OCGS positions on these issues. & Our special thanks to those who have contacted Councilwoman Almond and to those who have posted yard signs on our behalf. Signs will all be picked up on Wednesday, August 31st by mid-afternoon if they have not already been removed.

Please check our website often (URL info below) for updates on these and other neighborhood issues. Our Fall newsletter will be sent by US Post to OCGS members by the end of September. These will also be posted on our website, so check in often if you are interested in what’s going on in our neighborhood.


Shapiro Property Documents:
Shapiro Downgrade Justification 2015
Shapiro Decision July 14, 2009
Shapiro Agreement reply May 1, 2009
Shapiro Development Agreement, May 2009
Shapiro Tentative Agreement, August 2008
Shapiro - County Comments, January 2008
Shapiro Proposed Development Concept Plan

Development Plan Documents, 4/29/2009:
Shapiro Development Plan Conference April 29, 2009
Shapiro DPC_Plat1
Shapiro DPC_Plat2