Below are a Facts & Justification information sheet explaining the OCGS request for RC8 to be put in place on all of Hidden Waters property. Also a map showing the property without development and a map of the property showing a proposed development in place on the easternmost 25 acres of this property. These follow a copy of our petition to Councilwoman Vicki Almond, mailed May 6, 2016. If you are in support of this issue, please print this petition, sign it, and mail a copy to our Councilwoman to show your support.

Letter in support of OCGS request for RC8 Zoning on Hidden Waters, CZMP Issue 2:029:
RC8_Request Page-1

RC8_Request Page-2

Please also view our web page titled "Hidden Waters" for complete information about this important 2016 CZMP issue.

Facts & Justification:
RC8 Facts & Justification

Hidden Waters map without development:
OCGS_no overlay

Hidden Waters map with development overlay:
map of hidden water with development