Development Plan Hearing Decision Signed November 9, 2018 by
John E. Beverungen, Baltimore County ALJ

This decision allows development of The Courts of Hidden Waters to proceed.



Various Baltimore County departments commented on the proposed development of The Courts of Hidden Waters at the Development Plan Conference held on October 17th. The link below takes you to a DropBox folder which contains a photo copy of the plans presented to Baltimore County as well as copies of the County Department reports. Please review these. The Development Plan Hearing scheduled for November 8th is a public hearing, and the public is invited to attend and make comments or ask questions about the development plans. Please attend if you can!!!


There are two upcoming meetings that will discuss issues relating to the
proposed Hidden Waters development. This development now has a name:
The Courts of Hidden Waters.
Attendance is encouraged if you have an interest in this upcoming development.

Development Plan Conference (DPC)
Date: October 17, 2018 Time: 10:00 am
Location: Baltimore County Office Building, Room 123
111 W. Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
The public is invited to attend this hearing, but is not invited to comment.


Development Plan Hearing (DPH)
Date: November 8, 2018 Time:: 10:00 am
Location: Jefferson Building, Room 205
105 W. Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
This is a public meeting which is now posted on the property and the
public is invited to attend and to comment on the proposed development.


2018 May 8 Community Input Meeting (CIM)

The CIM held regarding this proposed development on May 8, 2018 included the following information:
24 single family dwellings are proposed. Each will be between 3000 - 3200 sq ft.
Lot size will vary from 1/4 acre - 1 acre lots.
Houses will start at $800,000.
Entry to the development will use the existing gravel path onto the property, and the development will not connect to any streets within the Eden Roc development immediately adjacent.


2018, May 8
A Community Input Meeting on the impending Hidden Waters development is scheduled for this date. Notice below:



2018, April 11

At the OCGS Annual Meeting held on this date, Jennifer Langford, representing Bozzuto Homes, presented plans to develop the easternmost Hidden Water acreage as presented at a Baltimore County Concept Plan Conference on April 10th. Bozzuto is planning to develop this property with 24 single family homes as permitted under current DR1 zoning. Each house will be configured differently, and properties will vary from about 1/2 acre to almost 1 acre in size. The new development will not be gated. Bozzuto prefers to use the existing gravel path as its entrance / egress for the development with no plans to connect to Eden Roc Way. The Baltimore County Planning Department has asked that the plans be reconfigured so that no backyards are facing Old Court Road. They have also asked to have the entrance to the development moved to be directly across from Paladia Way, and they have asked that Eden Roc Way be connected to a road within the new development. The rear of the property will remain undeveloped.

Discussion following this presentation made the following points:
Existing neighbors do not object to houses backing up to Old Court Road if they are sited far enough away to be unseen from the road as requested by Bozzuto Homes.

Existing neighbors do NOT want Eden Roc Way connected to any roads within the new development, both for safety and aesthetic reasons.
Existing neighbors do not want the entrance / egress road to the new development sited across from Paladia Way and very much prefer that the existing entrance road to the property be used as requested by Bozzuto.

It was agreed that OCGS send a letter in support of the Bozzuto plans as presented at this meeting to Baltimore County Planning Department Head Andrea Van Arsdale with copies to Councilwoman Vicki Almond and Jeff Mahew, Baltimore County Department of Planning. A copy of this letter appears below.

OCGS -Bozzuto Support Letter 4:16:2018

Plans as submitted at the Baltimore County Concept Plan Conference held on April 10, 2018 appear below, followed by Baltimore County Concept Plan Comments also presented at this meeting, appear below.

CONCEPT PLAN 3.19.2018

CPC 4.10.2018